Sapsucker Damage and What to Do About It

Author: Laurie Garretson (Victoria Advocate)
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Sapsucker Damage and What to Do About It

If you have ever noticed small holes, made in neat rows on the trunk of a tree, you are probably looking at the damage caused from a yellow bellied sapsucker.

Sapsuckers are a type of woodpecker, but are smaller than the usual woodpeckers. Both birds use their beaks to tap on tree trunks to make holes. Sapsuckers make lots of small holes in horizontal or vertical lines in the trunks of trees. Woodpeckers make larger holes in different spots up and down tree trunks. These holes are referred to as sap wells.

Sapsucker and woodpecker damage is usually found on trees that are stressed from some sort of disease or physical wounds. Both birds seem to really love young live oaks, although I have often seen sapsucker damage on older live oaks.

When a tree experiences stress caused by humans, animals or any other means, sugars from the tree’s sap will concentrate in the area to help repair the problem. Many types of insects and animals, including sapsuckers, detect the sweet tree sap and will be attracted to the area.

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