Tree Songs

May 25, 2022 · 2 minute read
Tree Songs

My entire life, music has been a huge influence on me. At any given time throughout my day, I have a song or tune in my head. No matter the mood, there’s a tune. Humming and singing have been an innate way to offset fear for me and I suspect that for just about all of the twenty-some years I’ve spent in trees, there’s been a treetop melody to assist the task. I bet if I conducted a survey, most of my arborist brothers and sisters would say the same. 

Here are my takes on a few songs that seem appropriate for trees or most anything else for that matter.

“Old Pine” – Ben Howard –

I just discovered this song recently and I’m glad I did as it’s become a quick favorite. It’s a nostalgic look back at the magic of adolescence. The artist says that the tune had been in his head for a while but he was inspired to write it after being almost killed by a falling pine tree.

“Bare Trees” – Fleetwood Mac –

The lonely cold winter. This song is simply about longing for the person you love during the long winter months.

“Redwood Tree” – Cam –

Most can relate to a time in our youth when we couldn’t wait to leave the nest and set out on our own. This song relates to the movement of time and looking back on the years past. To the redwood tree, she describes it all happening in the blink of an eye.

“Roscoe” – Midlake –

If you haven’t heard this group, then I highly suggest giving them a listen. Most of their songs are about humans’ plight in nature. This song as well isn’t specifically about trees but is certainly worthy of anyone who enjoys a walk in the woods.

“Talk To The Trees” – Snow Patrol –

I could be wrong but my interpretation of this is just someone needing to convey words without the backlash of subjectivity. Trees don’t judge.

“The Trees” – Rush –

There’s unrest in the forest. The maples are unhappy with the lack of light left from the oaks. The tall oak canopies soak it all up, leaving little to take. So, the maples get together to start a union and make demands for equal… light.

Of course, these are only a few of many many songs about the relationship between humans and nature. Obviously, I can’t guarantee they’ll be instant favorites. But, they’re undoubtedly worthy of a listen, they’ll likely grow on you with time. Enjoy!