Top 10 requests we get as Arborists

March 9, 2023 · 3 minute read
Top 10 requests we get as Arborists

This week’s article is a top 10 list of the requests we get as Arborists, but not in order of popularity.     

  1. Is my tree dead?  
    • Even as an arborist, it is sometimes hard to tell in the winter. Most of the time we have a keen eye for identifying life in a tree.  Living branches at the tips and buds can reflect light in the winter.  Dead limbs or trees will sometimes lose their bark but also don’t seem to have buds.
  2. I’ve been picking up a lot of dead limbs from my yard. Is my tree OK?
    • Most of the time, yes, it’s fine.  Trees naturally create dead limbs as the tree grows because they put their energy in limbs that get more sunlight for photosynthesis and less on the lower canopy and sometimes interior branches.  This is why most mature pine trees do not have lower limbs.
  3. I want to grow more grass.
    • This I have noticed over the years seems to be getting more popular.  This could have to do with the trees getting bigger, creating more shade, and competing with the grass.  I think this could also have to do with the trend of homeowners focusing their attention on their lawns.
  4. My tree rubs against the house when the wind blows.
    • Tree and Shrub pruning next to a house does require more work. As they grow not only do they rub and cause noise, but I have seen many times where they damage siding, roof shingles and slate, and also chimneys.
  5. My tree is out of control.
    • When I hear this one I think of people saying the same thing about their hair.  Trees grow and grow and grow.  So over time, trees tend to fill in their space and sometimes we need to come in and prune them.
  6. I need to remove my tree or my tree is leaning and needs to be removed, or is my tree safe?
    • This is where Arborists can help discuss wants and needs with homeowners.  Sometimes there is the assumption or fear that the tree is going to fall.  Sometimes it’s a hole in the tree, but the tree is fine.  I’m not sure about the statistics on this but it is very common that I get to an appointment for tree removal, and we either prune the tree or nothing is really needed.
  7. I need an Arborist to walk around the yard and assess trees with me.
    • This might be my favorite one.  This also might be the appointment that I leave saying everything looks fine to me, I wouldn’t do anything at this time.  This also does allow me and the homeowner to walk around a yard and discuss their concerns or needs.
  8. I’m building an addition and I want to save my tree.
    • There are a lot of techniques out there on tree protection and preservation of trees, but sometimes a building or foundation too close is just too close. It may damage roots and likely require the tree to be removed – which is best decided by an Arborist.
  9. I’d like to plant a new tree.
    • Arborists have great experiences with tree species.  We have seen a lot of examples of species growth patterns, weakness, insect and disease issues, and other issues that deal with the longevity of the tree or help determine the correct location for a tree.  But remember Arborists might not be the best in the aesthetics of your landscape or your house.
  10. My bark is falling off my tree.
    • My first thought before I get to the property is that it must be a dead tree.  Dead pine trees and other dead trees will lose their bark, but most of the time it is a species of tree that naturally loses bark (American sycamore, river birch, Chinese elm, crepe myrtle, etc.)