‘Tis the Season at Truetimber Backyard

November 17, 2021 · 2 minute read
‘Tis the Season at Truetimber Backyard

Ah, the holidays… It really is that time of year, but it doesn’t seem like it came around again as quickly as it usually does. I mean, it almost seems like two full years since I spent the last six weeks of the year surrounded by food, songs, family, and sentiment. I’m very grateful that it looks like the Grinch that stole last Christmas might stay away this year.

It’s also a good time to remind you that Truetimber Backyard has turned itself into a special Santa’s Workshop for that person or kid you know that has everything. This is our first year officially in business, and it’s been a blast helping you maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor space with swings, ziplines, platforms, outdoor lighting, and pretty much anything else you asked us to do!  Here are some of the fun things that might brighten up your space for the holidays or be that special gift you can’t get anywhere else.

Relief Map of Richmond: I worked with a map developer to create this very special raised relief map of the city and parks we know and love. Every park, trail, and James River rapid is identified, and for those of us who have spent much of our time wandering the real space of the falls of the James, being able to trace your finger over the rises and falls in the landscape is a special treat.

Axes or Knives and Throwing Target: In keeping with our goal to re-purpose tree bi-product in every fun way we can imagine, we have developed this axe throwing target stand. Rounds of wood or other surfaces can be held by the stand.  Your kit comes with a stand, a round of wood, and the axes or knives.

Ziplines and Swings:  there is still time to have outdoor fun installed before the holiday.  There are ways we can “mask” or hide your installation until the big day, or these can be early gifts. You can also have the item(swing or zipline) wrapped for opening and we will be out to install it within a week or two of Christmas.

Climbing Rope Dog-leash:  Our very own Brandon Dysart splices scrap climbing rope into the perfect, durable dog-leash.

Stackable Snowman: This 5-piece snowman is the next best thing to the frozen kind, and doesn’t melt away when the weather gets warm! We provide the durable snow – a five-piece kit of shaped, stackable (most likely sweetgum) wood. You can have your own fun with buttons, scarf, hat, and facial features.

Recycled wood tree: We took old wood and repurposed it into a charming Christmas tree sure to add a festive touch to any porch or winter garden!

Wreaths: Truetimber’s own ex-florist Sonja Sims can take anything from nature and make it beautiful. Her wreaths are fabulous! Here are two current offerings. Check the website regularly as there may be more to come.