The Truetimber Time Trial Bike Race

March 22, 2023 · 0 minute read
The Truetimber Time Trial Bike Race

Many of our friends, both at Truetimber and outside of Truetimber, are avid cyclists. That’s why on March 25, we’ll host our friend Kurtis Usher as he puts on a fundraising event at Camp Truetimber.

The Truetimber Time Trial Bike Race :

This is a fun fundraising event with the overall objective being to evolve into an all-inclusive event for riders of all abilities. Registration fees will go to raising funds for Kurtis Usher to start the grant application process to obtain an Adaptive Mountain Bike.

The event space will open at 8 am and the event will begin before 10 am, at Camp Truetimber. A 2-mile course has been established. The object of the race is to complete the most laps within the time limit. Riders can ride as many laps as they wish within the time limit.

Registration Information:

There is a minimum of $20 to register for the race. If you would like to come to hang out, not participate, and get some food, please check the appropriate box on the registration form. If you would like to just come hang, cheer, and spectate, it’s free of charge.

Register Here.