Subtle signs of Spring

April 5, 2023 · 1 minute read
Subtle signs of Spring
Springtime in Richmond is most often signified by the various vibrant, showy blooms that are visible all over town. For me, there are a few less obvious but equally exciting signs of warmer temperatures that I tend to look for. Next time you’re out for a walk in the woods, see if you can identify these!


I tend to write an article every year about foraging for Pawpaw fruits, but their spring flowers are also one of my favorite blooms to catch. They’re pretty small, and it’s very easy to pass right by them. Their texture and color are not to be missed.


This broad-leafed plant is a definite signifier of spring. Right now it’s popping up in droves. They have a beautiful white flower which is often hidden under their foliage.

Trout Lily:

Trout Lilies are definitely the showiest plant on this list. With a beautiful yellow flower and equally pretty leaves, these are a treat to come across in the woods.


The final addition to this list isn’t a plant, but is probably my favorite aspect of spring. The Morel mushroom is a favorite amongst foragers. These little guys are often hidden in plain sight, even if you know where to look. They have some of the best natural camouflage I’ve ever seen. A word of warning- when it comes to mushrooms, never eat anything you’re unsure of, and always be aware of any rules and regulations surrounding foraging of wild foods.