Second-oldest tree in Virginia recorded in Brunswick County

Author: Delaney Murray
Source: Visit Site
Second-oldest tree in Virginia recorded in Brunswick County

Virginia has plenty of rich history, right down to its roots — quite literally.

The Virginia Big Tree Program at Virginia Tech records some of the commonwealth’s biggest and oldest trees. Recently, students measured the second-oldest tree in Virginia, a white oak in Brunswick County that is more than 500 years old.

According to Virginia Tech and American Forests, this tree is currently the largest living white oak in the country.

The oldest tree in Virginia currently recorded is a water tupelo in Greenville County, which is estimated to be roughly 600 years old. That tree is also an American Forests National Champion.

The Big Trees program has recorded over 2,000 trees in the state since 1970, and has archived information on trees that are currently alive as well as “legacy” trees of the past.

Got a big tree near you? Learn how to measure it and report it on Virginia Tech’s website.