Now’s the Time to Plant a Tree. Here’s How.

May 6, 2020 · 2 minute read
Now’s the Time to Plant a Tree. Here’s How.

I’ve long loved trees. The sensation of climbing is what attracted me to them in my youth. Then, as I spent more time among them, I began to appreciate the touch, smell, feel, sound and views. 

These beautiful trees provide so much more than oxygen. Studies prove that they offer increased property values, energy efficiency (for a shaded home) and increased health benefits, both physiologically and psychologically. Crime rates tend to be lower in areas with trees, and patients heal faster when they have a view of trees. What a gift!

For all the above reasons, why not plant a tree? And now’s a great time. The key to a healthy, happy, and low maintenance tree starts with selection: “Right tree, right place”.

  • Match the tree with the site:  Each species is going to require different requirements for light, water, soil conditions and growing space.
  • Selecting trees at the nursery: It is important to begin with a healthy plant and consider root flare, root system, branch structure and overall condition of the plant.

Following the selection and placement process, it’s time to dig the hole.

  • First and foremost, call Miss Utilities to mark the utilities prior to digging.
  • Next, measure from the root flare, after you have exposed it, to the bottom of the root flare. This is the depth you are looking for. If you dig too deep and backfill, the soil will settle resulting in a tree that is planted too deep. This can result in the ultimate failure of the tree.
  • Once you’ve found your depth, you’ll want to dig the hole out about 2-3x the diameter of the rootball.
  • After setting the tree in the hole, you can now backfill and thoroughly soak with water. If the tree is on a slope, it’s good practice to make a small pile of soil just on the outside of the hole to keep the water where it needs to be.

Proper Pruning for future health of tree.

  • Refrain from pruning, initially, as these branches will help the tree grow. It is not good practice to introduce any stress to a newly planted tree, and pruning can be stressful.
  • After approximately two years, it is beneficial to provide a tree with young tree pruning, which will guide its growth structure.  When done well, this will enhance the health of the tree while reducing the future maintenance of the tree as well.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions. We love our trees just like you do!