It’s not quite winter, but we’re already thinking spring.

December 7, 2022 · 1 minute read
It’s not quite winter, but we’re already thinking spring.

As Truetimber wraps up their fall planting schedule, I’m already getting calls to discuss tree installation for this coming spring. Choosing the right tree for your yard may seem daunting, but with a little guidance, making a decision can be simple.

When I meet with customers to discuss planting, I always start by letting them paint a mental image of what they want, such as colors, size, and form. From there, I narrow down the options by considering a few concepts:

  • Mature height/spread: How big is the tree going to get, and does it have enough space to comfortably do so? Are there any obstacles to consider, such as overhead wires, structures, and other trees?
  • Deciduous or Evergreen: This is an important thing to consider. If a client wants privacy screening, an evergreen might be the way to go. Some trees might drop leaves at a faster or slower pace than others, which should be considered for yard maintenance.
  • Growth Rate: How fast will the tree grow? Lots of people tend to want as large a tree as possible at the time of planting. Considering fast-growing options might help meet that goal.
  • Sun, Soil, Moisture: Is the intended planting location conducive to the desired tree? A common issue with trees is they may receive either too much or too little water. Choosing a tree that’s either drought-tolerant or can handle wet feet is extremely important for longevity. The same goes for soil quality and sun exposure.

    Photo by Jan Kroon from Pexels:

    Photo by Jan Kroon

  • Frequency of Upkeep: Some trees can drop an excessive amount of acorns, fruit, and other debris. It’s important to make customers aware of this when it comes to cleanup. Nobody likes the smell of rotting Gingko fruit in their yard or walkways!
  • Hardiness Zone: Last but not least, will the tree survive in your climate? There are thousands of tree species, but not all will survive our weather. And, thinking long term, will a tree that currently does well in our hardiness zone continue to do well after a few decades, considering climate change?

Truetimber’s staff loves to talk about the right tree for the right place. If you’re considering planting a tree this coming spring, give us a call so we can help guide you in the right direction.