Finding Trees in Richmond

December 27, 2023 · 1 minute read
Finding Trees in Richmond

If you have noticed yet, the Tree Care Advisors at Truetimber Arborists are “tree nerds.”  We love to see and talk about some of the coolest trees in Richmond. Actually, every employee of Truetimber, as you can imagine, has a special connection to trees, and our field staff not only get to see them but also get to climb them.

When we started the Urban Forest Dweller website and weekly emails we also started a Map of Remarkable trees of Richmond or at least some trees with a good story. Here is the link: 

As you will see from this link there are a lot of trees that need to be added. Every time I walk on many of our clients’ property, ride my bike or host a Tree ID Ride we discover a list of amazing trees that should be on this map.

If you have a remarkable tree or you know of a cool or unique tree then let us know and we can help get it on the map (we do not have to use exact locations).  I challenge everyone who reads this article, including myself,  to get a tree on the map for 2024.  Feel free to email me directly at and I can help get the tree added.

Other References for impressive trees:

  • Maymont Park has not only amazing trees but also most of them are tagged to help with identification.
  • Virginia Big Trees Website: 
  • The book: Remarkable Trees of Virginia by Nancy Ross Hugo and Jeffrey Kirwan. With photographs by Robert Llewellyn