Fall Isn’t Just For Thanksgiving…

August 11, 2023 · 1 minute read
Fall Isn’t Just For Thanksgiving…

Being an arborist requires a variety of tree-based skills, ranging from tree removal to pruning. One of my favorite tasks in this line of work is planting trees. It’s an often overlooked aspect of our job, while at the same time arguably provides the most benefit.

I’m often asked about timing when it comes to planting trees. While I wish we could plant all year long, there is an ideal planting season, and it’s approaching soon.

It’s generally agreed upon that fall is the best time to plant. This is due to a number of factors, with the most important listed below:

  • Cooler weather. Trees will have an easier time establishing when the temperatures have dropped off from the summer heat.
  • Less susceptibility to drought stress and sun scorching.
  • Cooler temperatures can help encourage root growth, which in turn helps the tree establish faster. Trees planted in the summer will focus their energy on canopy growth rather than root growth.

Trees can also be planted in early spring if needed, but it can be trickier to nail down the right timing.

As fall rapidly approaches, consider having a tree planted in your yard. The arborists at Truetimber love to help our customers select and install the right tree for their landscape. Give us a call!