Discovering the Wonders of Nature

May 9, 2024 · 1 minute read
Discovering the Wonders of Nature

As I stare out my backyard window this evening, I see and hear life and growth.  I would love to write about all I have seen this spring season, but it’s just too much.

I see pollen on my deck, I see birds bathing in our birdbath, I hear birds I may never see in the tops of our trees, and a cedar tree in the distance with a large clump of cedar apple rust fungus dripping in a cluster on a branch in the tree.  I then remember all the photos I have taken and am able to recall this spring with clarity.

Throughout this article are pictures that my friends, family, and I have taken showing just how amazing this time of year can be and what can be found if we just slow down and take a look around.

I love this time of year, and as an Arborist, I am fortunate enough to inspect some of the most amazing yards and trees in Richmond.  I get calls for appointments when parts of trees or entire trees stop growing and need some pruning or removal attention; however, most of my calls are from homeowners asking me to just walk around and check on their trees.  Besides all of the amazing stuff out there, you might look for these in your yard and trees:

  • Dead and Broken limbs

  • Dead or Dying trees

  • Soil lifted by uprooted trees

  • Mushrooms in and around trees

  • Trees/shrubs rubbing on structures

  • Trees/shrubs blocking roadways or sidewalks

I hope you, too, have been getting out, seeing, and listening to the life around you.