Books for Tree Lovers

February 23, 2022 · 1 minute read
Books for Tree Lovers

If you enjoy reading Urban Forest Dweller, we think you’ll enjoy these tree-centric books. The staff at Truetimber obviously loves trees, and good books on the subject are always a treat. 

The Wild Trees, by Richard Preston
The Wild Trees
by Richard Preston

The Wild Trees, by Richard Preston

In this non-fiction book, author Richard Preston tells the history of California’s Redwood trees and the individuals who first pioneered climbing them. Their innovations in climbing greatly advanced the scientific community’s ability to study the trees, as well as helped modernize the climbing practices in our industry. This is my favorite tree-related book that I’ve read in the past few years.

The Overstory
by Richard Powers

The Overstory, by Richard Powers

This novel tells the story of 9 fictional characters whose lives are deeply impacted by experiences with trees. These experiences prompt the characters to combat the destruction of American forests. This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is a must-read, and rumor has it that Netflix is adapting it into a tv series!

Sprout Lands
by William Bryant Logan

Sprout Lands, by William Bryant Logan

One of the more specific tree topics out there, this book covered the history of “pollarding”, which is a method of tree pruning. In the book, the author covers how the application of this method has developed and been utilized over human history. This is an excellent read for a tree nerd!

Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit
by Andrew Moore

Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit, by Andrew Moore

The pawpaw is the hidden gem of foraging. In the late summer, pawpaw trees produce their fruit along the James River. This book discusses the history of the tree and the role that it played in pre and post-colonial America. If you’re interested in foraging, growing food, or just US history, this is an excellent book.