Arborists And Other Tree Related Careers

February 1, 2023 · 2 minute read
Arborists And Other Tree Related Careers

I entered into the tree industry mostly out of default. I knew trees were always appealing to me – I really liked the mystery of how they seemed so wise, but beyond that, I had no real understanding of the important roll they play in our world. I knew trees were important for various reasons, but I didn’t really understand why. For instance, it never occurred to me that trees are actually necessary for the life of just about everything, for keeping the earth cool and the air healthy. Furthermore, I had no idea that having a job climbing trees and learning about them was even a thing. And when I discovered that, everything sort of fell into place. Working as tree climber and then a tree care advisor over the years has taught me a lot about what they offer and what they need to be healthy – but also when they can become a threat. I know that without the understanding of trees, how they work, and the important role they play, their existence would be severely threatened. I had no idea that being a professional arborist is just as important to their well-being and preservation, as it is knowing how to safely remove them if they become a threat. And for years I wasn’t aware of other important professions that are as important to maintaining the life of trees as my own.

I’ve since learned of other careers that are important to trees as well. If you’re not familiar, here’s a list of 10 jobs involving trees in addition to being an arborist.

  1. Tree Farmer – Raises trees for all kinds of purposes, including nursery stock and of course Christmas trees.
  2. Tree Nursery worker – Cares for trees while they’re waiting to be sold or relocated. Workers need to know when a tree should be discarded and not sold.
  3. Horticulturist – Expert on plants who specializes in flowers, shrubs, and trees. Many Arborists are horticulturists as well.
  4. Park Ranger – Protects and monitors parks and recreational areas. A park ranger may be responsible for identifying potential hazards.
  5. Photographer – A photographer of trees can do anything from observing changes in trees and habitats, documenting growth and/or abnormalities, photographing for identification, to simply photographing for the enjoyment of others.
  6. Soil Technician – A soil technician tests and analyzes soil, usually but not always in a lab. Some of this work is done in the field, but depending on the study, it may need to be done in a lab. This is often to research deficiencies and / or ph ratios to determine what should be planted or why a plant or tree may be in decline.
  7. Biologist – Can determine trees relationships to humans, and on a cellular level understand the ways in which trees reproduce and how trees are beneficial. Also, the effects that humans have on trees.
  8. Environmental Engineer – May determine the value that trees can have on environmental problems.
  9. Ecologist – Will determine the important role that trees play in sustaining our wildlife and other organisms.
  10. Urban Planner – May be responsible for the development of parks as well as other natural areas that can be found in neighborhoods. Trees play a huge role in both the beautification and health of our recreational and living areas.

There are others that are as important to the sustainability of trees in our environment as the ones above. However, it’s hard to imagine any of them being as fun and appealing as a tree climber.