Beech Tree Hall

Fagus grandifolia

February 24, 2021 · 0 minute exploration
Beech Tree Hall

This mature stand of massive Beech trees is a must-visit for any Richmonder.  Beech trees were the original tabloids, and in the Great Hall of Beech you can read up on many of the forest love affairs of the last century.  They cling to the steep, southern slopes of the James River valley with claw-like roots that are so big that even the claws have been engraved.   Join the Buttermilk trail from Reedy Creek parking area and travel west.  Look for the large hollow Beech Tree shown with Rochester the pirate dog below.  The knoll above this spot is Beech Tree Hall where you will find a great congregation of these old sages whose smooth skin belies their age.

Follow this link to a “Life in the Forest” story about these trees.

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