Tree farmer sows the seeds of sustainability

Author: Emily Griffin
Source: Visit Site
Tree farmer sows the seeds of sustainability

“The name of our farm is Cobbville Farm and it’s a growing tradition because my children are here, my grandchildren are here, and we’d like the community to be a part of this as well,” Cobbville Farm owner Dave Loomis said

The Loomis Family in Adams Center is setting the roots for a sustainable future by starting a tree farm.

“This is balsam fir, and what we’re planting today is Frasier fir,” Loomis said, indicating the saplings on his property.

With 6,000 trees already planted and more to come, it’s been a learning process to appreciate mother nature.

“I just love to see things grow,” Loomis said. “I like to work with my hands, I like to work outdoors. it’s rewarding to see how durable mother nature really is.”

Loomis says each sapling he plants is making the air fresher and the soil cleaner for his family. And he hopes they’ll continue that cycle.

“The world is changing,” he said. “With my grandkids — they’re younger. Teaching them about the earth, the importance of nature, agriculture, the value of working with your hands. You’ll learn that it’s really up to them to make the world a better place.”

Loomis says springtime is an opportunity for anyone to plant the seeds of sustainability for their community.

“As Earth Day comes, there will be many schools giving away trees,” he said. “For a child to come home and say I planted that tree or mom and dad planted that tree, it’s very rewarding for sure.”

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