Petrified, 20 Million-Year-Old Tree Found in Greece

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Petrified, 20 Million-Year-Old Tree Found in Greece

Experts have made an “extraordinary” discovery of a tree which is still intact after being petrified by a volcanic eruption 20 million years ago in Lesbos, Greece.

Lesbos’ Petrified Forest was created 20 million years ago when a volcano exploded in the island’s north, covering the entire area with ash and lava. The area, which spans 15,000 hectares, is renowned for its vivid and colorful fossilized tree trunks.

Nickolas Zouros, a professor of geology at the University of the Aegean, had been excavating the fossilized forest ecosystem but told CNN he had never before uncovered such a find.

“We have a lot of findings over these years but the latest ones are the most important — really extraordinary,” he told CNN on Thursday.

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