Climbing High with Arborist Jeff Inman of Truetimber

Author: Mindy McIntosh-Shetter
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Climbing High with Arborist Jeff Inman of Truetimber
Jeff Inman’s Tree Risk Assessment and Becoming an Arborist!

On TimberTalks, Jeff Inman, an experienced arborist and risk manager at Truetimber, discusses the educational pathways, on-the-job training, and diverse roles within the arboriculture industry. He highlights the challenges and rewards of working with trees, the importance of safety and training, and the increasing presence of women in the field.

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Here’s what we can get to know in this insightful interaction:
  • The Journey into Arboriculture
Jeff Inman’s path to becoming an arborist started with his childhood fascination with trees, inspired by his grandfather’s woodworking. Despite initially pursuing a career as a mechanic, Jeff’s love for the outdoors led him to study natural resource conservation at Virginia Tech. He discovered arboriculture in his last semester and realized it was his true calling, combining his passion for climbing and trees. This narrative highlights the importance of following one’s passion and being open to change in career paths.
  • The Educational Pathway
Jeff emphasizes the value of education in arboriculture, noting that a background in biology, earth sciences, and forestry is beneficial. While on-the-job training is crucial, having a theoretical understanding of tree biology and physiology can significantly enhance practical skills. Jeff also suggests taking business courses for those aspiring to run their own tree care businesses, highlighting the blend of technical and entrepreneurial skills needed in this field.
  • The Role of Arborists
Arboriculture involves more than just climbing and cutting trees. Arborists play a crucial role in diagnosing plant diseases, managing tree health, and conducting risk assessments. Jeff’s job at Truetimber includes overseeing training programs and ensuring safety compliance. He describes the job as both physically and mentally engaging, requiring a deep understanding of tree biology and growth patterns, as well as practical skills in climbing and using equipment.
  • Challenges and Rewards of the Job
The most rewarding part of Jeff’s job is being outside and working with trees, while the most challenging aspect is the administrative work that keeps him away from the field. He enjoys the physical and mental demands of tree climbing and the satisfaction of solving complex problems. This takeaway underscores the balance between fieldwork and office duties in the arboriculture profession and the need for passion and dedication.
  • Industry Trends and Training
Since Jeff started in 2011, there have been significant advancements in safety practices and training in the arboriculture industry. He notes a growing emphasis on using personal protective equipment and following best management practices. Jeff’s company, Truetimber, has established a training academy to equip arborists with the necessary skills and knowledge, reflecting the industry’s shift towards more formalized training and professional development.
  • The Increasing Role of Women in Arboriculture
Jeff observes that while the arboriculture industry is still male-dominated, there is a noticeable increase in the number of female arborists. Events like the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop provide a supportive space for women to enter and thrive in the industry. Jeff values the different perspectives women bring to the field, noting that they often approach tree climbing and problem-solving in unique and effective ways.
  • Exploring Arboriculture as a Career
For those considering a career in arboriculture, Jeff advises gaining hands-on experience and exploring educational opportunities in forestry and related fields. He also encourages young people to consider trades as viable career paths, emphasizing the job security and fulfillment that comes with working in arboriculture. Jeff’s insights highlight the potential for personal and professional growth in this dynamic field.
Jeff Inman’s story is a testament to the rewarding and dynamic nature of the arboriculture industry. His journey from childhood fascination to professional arborist showcases the importance of following one’s passion and being open to new opportunities.