The ‘Northrop’ Oak

Quercus alba

March 13, 2020 · 0 minute exploration
The ‘Northrop’ Oak

Urban Forest Dweller Name: The Northrop Oak (White oak)

Scientific Name: Quercus alba

Recommended by: Aiden Stewart


IMPORTANT NOTE:  We did not put the boards in the tree.  Doing this to any tree is not recommended, but doing it to public trees is illegal.  Thank you Bill and the Reedy Creek Coalition for caring for this magnificent tree

Why remarkable: Hidden behind layers of saplings, vines, and briars lies a truly majestic white oak. Originally an open-grown tree on a historic estate, the Northrop Oak dwarfs everything around it with its sprawling canopy and stout trunk. You will easily be able to notice how this tree spent most of its life with ample space to grow outward, without any competition for sunlight. As the surrounding woods grew, the tree began to divert its growth more upward. Although the tree is in a public park, it is deceptively hard to locate (trust us!), making this tree all the more rewarding to visit.

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