‘Robyn Hightman’ Paper Mulberry

Broussonetia papyrifera

May 22, 2020 · 1 minute exploration
‘Robyn Hightman’ Paper Mulberry

Where: Federal Park (in The Fan), Richmond, Va. Federal Park is a pocket park between Main and Floyd, Rowland, and Shields.

Why remarkable: When you ride, walk or drive upon this tree you know it is something special. It is hidden in one of the little pocket parks that are a secret in Richmond (Did I just give the secret away?)  I have not measured the trunk diameter, but I assume it’s the largest paper mulberry tree in Richmond. When you get closer you also see how it’s not only a freaking awesome specimen of a paper mulberry but you also see there is a connection to a cyclist Robyn Hightman who was killed on their bike while being a courier in New York City.  Click here to learn more about Robyn.  

This tree does not have much of a canopy to match this massive trunk.  The lack of canopy has either been caused by past storm damage or over-pruning. The main limbs of this tree have been headed back significantly (topped). This incredible specimen is absolutely worth the trip to find it. And why not pay your respects to Robyn by getting there on your bike?


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