‘Trellis’ the Loblolly Pine

Pinus taeda

March 5, 2020 · 0 minute exploration
‘Trellis’ the Loblolly Pine
Urban Forest Dweller name: Trellis
Scientific name: Pinus taeda
Where: Westham neighborhood, northwest of the University of Richmond campus
Why remarkable: The gentle hills surrounding the University of Richmond campus are favorite growing places for one of Virginia’s most common natives, the loblolly pine tree. In the open, a loblolly pine would grow a wide, egg-shaped canopy, but gathered into crowds it engages in a fierce competition for sunlight and grows a massive trunk towering to the sky. But this particular tree is not remarkable for its height, or for its girth, but rather for the incredible load it is asked to bear. The most impressive wisteria vine we have seen crawls out of the ground like a snake and makes its own way to the sun on this tree’s stout bole. This one is an easy drive-by and a great photo op for kids who will have a blast climbing on the vines. 
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